The Naked Journal

Cats are to blame!

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14 June 1986
College junior, misanthrope, bisexual, all-around wacko sekshi ribrarian girl. This LJ is mostly for dumping fanfic and quiz memes and talking on fandom coms, so I don't expect I'll be updating very often. But...if you want to friend me even knowing that, I'll never turn you down.

Tarot Cards
A fluffy, adorable feline mammal threatens to rip your eyes out with its mankilling claws.
Divinatory Meanings: Your lap is about to be occupied, your sweater is about to be shed on, your birdie is going to taste lovely on toast.
Reversed: You are about to be slobbered on, your newspaper will be fetched to your feet, your lawn will be shat on.
Alliances: Cats bow to no one, mortal fool.

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